Thursday, September 24, 2015

Busy Women Challenge

You have spoken and I've listened!

As women, we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. We try to be everything to everyone, and somewhere in between we lose ourselves. Starting with our health and fitness, let's get BACK to basics and become the BEST women we can be- for our families, our spouses or significant others, and our friends. That's where it all begins.

We're all BUSY. I get it. You want to make health and fitness a priority but just can't figure out how to make the time or are just baffled by HOW to start.

That is EXACTLY why I've created the Busy Women Challenge! We are all going through something and usually need that extra push and motivation with accountability and support- that's why I'm here and what the group is made to do. It is just for women and is a growing group for women on the journey of health and fitness.

This is for you if...

- You are BUSY.
- You are TIRED.
- You want the camaraderie of a group of like-minded women.
- You need the steps to reach your goals.
- You want a plan laid out for you.
- You want to reach your health and fitness goals the healthy way.
- You want to learn more about healthy food choices.
- You are READY to change your habits and are ALL IN.

I am so excited to build stronger relationships with all of the women in this group. My goal is for this to be LONG TERM, so you never feel lost again and always have a place to come for support, accountability and love.

Complete the form below so I can learn more about you and get you a spot in the group! Once I receive you're completed form, I'll contact you with the next steps! Can't wait to welcome you and inspire each other!

Fill out my online form.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Beachbody Coaching for Six Figure Earners

For me, the coaching opportunity is all about FREEDOM. I started my Beachbody journey when my son was 8 months old. I had not felt comfortable in my own skin for awhile, but was pretty much in denial, not wanting to actually DO something about it. I was eating JUNK every day.  My lunch consisted of hot dogs, doritos, dr. pepper, chef boy r d- yeah, I know, GROSS. I knew better, but it didn’t matter. I had no REASON to do better.  

Around this time, my son was starting to eat solid foods AND my husband got diagnosed with high cholesterol. So my reason for starting was two fold- set a positive example for my son- I knew if I wanted him to eat healthy, it had to start with me. AND, we had a short time frame to get my husband’s health back on track and keep him off medication. 

Enter shakeology and 10 minute trainer with my first challenge group. That’s what kept me pushing. I wasn’t perfect, but I pushed play every day because I knew I had to check in and stay accountable.

Just FOUR months after starting, Cass' cholesterol was back to normal, he had lost 35 pounds and I was below what I thought my goal weight was and we both felt better than ever. Less than a year after committing to working out at home daily, drinking shakeology, and constantly improving our eating habits, we both were in the best shape of our lives.

The coaching opportunity was presented to me as a discount on shakeology. I said no for TWO months before I finally signed up for the discount, realizing I had no plans to quit drinking it and I had already gotten my parents addicted to it too ;) Yep- I was THAT person- I said NO a lot and then just signed up for a discount.

After a few months, I saw my coach was running a goal setting group so I figured why not? I started that group AND joined a team cup team for the same reason- WHY NOT? That month I hit a HUGE goal, helping over 10 people start their health and fitness journeys and never looked back.

At the time, I was earning 6 figures as a dentist at a non-profit organization. You would think that would be a dream. I wasn’t even working crazy hours- just 4 days a week. I never even thought about staying home or the possibility of coaching replacing my income and actually becoming my full time job- Heck, just 6 months earlier I cared NOTHING about my health and fitness! 

I started setting goals for myself, and little by little started seeing the possibilities.
First, it was paying for our nanny.
Then, it became covering my student loans.
Then, it was to cover half of my salary so I back down to part time at my husband’s office.

That’s when I realized just how stressed I was asking for time off and constantly being nagged by the director where I worked. I dreaded going to work every day. I had a limited amount of time off and always worried if I had to stay home for some reason. Less than a year in to coaching, we found out I was pregnant and had to make a decision on what to do about my stressful work environment. Beachbody allowed me the opportunity and security to walk away. No- my full time, six figure income was not covered, but I was making enough that I was able to make the decision without much stress. Without Beachbody, I would probably still be stuck at that dead end job. Yes, I made good money, but I was miserable and the possibility of quitting when you’re making that kind of money is DAUNTING. To go in with my husband meant that we would have gone from two incomes to ONE and I would have been building a business from scratch.

Because of Beachbody, I have now been home for almost a year and a half, through my 2nd pregnancy and now with my two babies- 3 1/2 year old Benton and 10 month old baby June. It was a dream I didn’t even realize I had until it became my reality.

If YOU are making six figures a year and wonder WHY you should even LOOK at this opportunity, I get it! I've been there.

I encourage you to open your mind and really look at the possibilities! Do you have ALL of your bases covered? Can you honestly say you have ALL of the areas below taken care of?

- Freedom- To always be there for your kids and family? To travel as you want? 
- Plan B- what if something happened to you or your spouse?
- Time
- Future/retirement- nest egg
- Children college fund

If there is ANY part of you that feels a tug that maybe THIS could be the opportunity you've been looking for, I encourage you to GO FOR IT! 

Are you truly FREE???
 My husband owns his own dental practice and has for about 5 years now. He makes the rules. He sets the hours. He controls his schedule. Sounds great right? But… He can ONLY work in the confines of his offices. Dentists can’t exactly work from home or while traveling. He can’t wake up one day and decide just to go on vacation. He has employees and patients counting on him to show up every day. If he isn’t there, he doesn’t earn money. The overhead in dentistry is outrageous and every vacation and time away have to be strategically planned. That is NOT freedom.

From the outside it looks perfect, and as far as office bound careers go, it’s about as good as it gets. But- it is STRESSFUL and it is far from FREE. I am creating a life that will allow him to continue to do what he loves, but also have the freedom to travel as we want and not stress about every day he’s away.

Travel time Anytime= Freedom!

Are you thinking there is NO way you can find time to build a business when you already work full time? When I was full time as a dentist, I took every opportunity to build my coaching business- building relationship on social media in between patients, listening to personal development during my drive time, using what had been hours of TV time at night to learn everything I could about the opportunity to gain confidence.

A huge benefit of joining Team Fusion is the time management systems you'll receive--- how to use every minute, how to stop wasting time on social media or watching TV, and how this business can be done in just 10 hours a week. I don't want you to throw away your family and personal life, but to learn how to better manage your time to achieve your goals and dreams while still finding life balance.

Balancing family with business at Summit.

Do you feel STUCK?
As a full time dentist, I was just going through the motions every day, knowing I couldn't just leave or find another job while continuing to live the lifestyle we were accustomed to. It was a tough spot to be in.
I was floating through life, was never giving any thought to personal development and was SETTLING for my life as it was. I made good money and had a perfect little family- everything I ever could have dreamed of, right?!?
I honestly thought people who read “self help” books were WEIRD or just had something really weighing heavily on them that they needed HELP with.

When I discovered Beachbody, I realized just how LOST I had been and how much had been MISSING from my life.
When you are COMFORTABLE, you get complacent, forget about your big goals and dreams, and SETTLE for much LESS than you are capable of. A big paying job does not mean fulfillment and a life well lived. Think of your DREAMS and what your IDEAL life looks like!

Shaking hands with the President of Beachbody 

Don't just take my word for it! We have so many coaches making their dreams come true and sharing how they WENT FOR IT and found happiness and fulfillment outside of their traditional six figure jobs with Beachbody...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Google calendar

As many of you know, time management has been a major focus for me this month. Over the last couple weeks, I have really been taking the time to figure out what works and what will help me.

As a mom with two little ones and a Beachbody business, I really need a good schedule but have never put in the effort to make one. Because of how much I love talking with my customers and coaches, I have fallen into the trap of working a lot more than I thought I was, due to being able to work from my phone all day. I found myself being present with my family in body only as I buried my head in my phone to respond to messages. I was letting my day be determined by others, not by me. I am determined to change that.

One of the first things I decided to start doing was planning out my days. Now, that doesn't mean every day goes perfectly as I laid it out on paper (or in my case, google calendar) but it really clears my mind and keeps me focused on the task at hand.

The first thing I did was create calendars. I based this on my priorities. It seems silly to need to put family time in the calendar as that is something you think would just happen naturally, but I found myself being so distracted during that time, constantly looking at my phone and putting other things first, that "family time" was really more "catch up time". In order to make sure I honor my priorities, those priorities go on the calendar. I'm still a work in progress for sure, but my goal is for no phone, i pad, or computer during those times so I'm focused on those I love most and they know how important they are.

I encourage you to figure out your priorities and really evaluate your days to see if you're putting your time where your heart is. Are you constantly looking at your phone and letting those who are not your priority dictate where your days go? Get your days and your time back!

Once I had my calendars made, I look week by week and lay out my ideal schedule. No- it does not always happen perfectly but it does keep me focused and helps me lose the mom guilt when I know I have specific time set aside and I am not losing site of the big picture!

google calendar example

My husband works Monday-Thursday and Benton goes to school from 9-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I try to do a bulk of work during those times. I also focus work and calls while most of the house, or at least the kids, are sleeping. I still do a lot of calls at night during the week because most of my team still works full time, but am setting limits and finding what works for me and my family.

As a coach with over 300 team members, it is so easy to answer phone calls and messages at all hours, which is exactly why I'm trying to take control and better predict my day. This helps my productivity and allows me to be fresh and prepared and really devote time to one on one calls with those who are growing their businesses! I use acuity scheduler so I can set aside specific times for my team to have all my time. This has made a huge difference in making sure I stay organized and spread the LOVE.

This is only starting my third full week of using google calendars so I'm still learning and tweaking what is working every week. It will take time to perfect, and I am learning to give myself grace as I learn what works best for me and my family.

What do you use to plan? Do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? I was like that too! Just try this for a couple weeks and see if it makes a HUGE difference! Let me know so we can spread the word!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Success principles

Personal development is a HUGE part of my life, and I don't say that lightly. It has not always been this way! This has been a development in the last 2 years, since becoming a Beachbody coach. In fact, before than, I scoffed at the idea! I thought I was too good for "self help" books- that those were only for people who had real problems. Boy was I wrong! This is one of the EASIEST things to fit into your day, but also the easiest to avoid and let slip to the bottom of your list! Make sure to prioritize fueling your MIND as much as you prioritize fueling and taking care of your body!

Success leaves clues, and, lucky for us, the most successful people (whatever your definition of success) willingly share their habits and tips with us in the form of books, audiobooks, blogs, videos and podcasts! In fact, you can learn so much for FREE!

My favorite ways to absorb personal development and growth:
1- Podcasts- just download the podcast app and search for your favorite authors or topics.  My favorites right now are Chalene Johnson- The Chalene Show, Entreleadership, Lewis Howes- The School of Greatness, and the Charged Life with Brendon Burchard. These are all FREE!

2- Audiobooks - Download the audible app. These are what first got me into personal development because I wanted to make the most of my drive time. It only took me 10 minutes to get to work when I was working full time as a dentist, but I also came home at lunch so that added up to 40 minutes a day! I did that 4 days a week for the year I was working. That equals at least 138 HOURS of listening to POSITIVE, UPLIFTING, INSPIRING and USEFUL information! That's 138 hours that I could have just wasted away listening to music (which I do love and think there's a place for!) or listening to negative news (I don't like to fill my mind with any negative thoughts because what you think about, you become!). Can you imagine how positively influenced your life would be if you invested 138 hours into YOURSELF in a year?!? How much BETTER would you be- as a mom, wife, and friend?

3- Paper or electronic books. I have read electronically for years, but am really enjoying having paper books that I can highlight, start and dog ear to reference later and share with all of you! I'm currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and it is amazing- HIGHLY recommend it! It is deep, with a lot of takeaways to implement but it's ALL in there!

I was watching Brendon Burchard recently and he inspired me to make a video of my FAVORITE Success Principles! There are so many and my ideas and inspirations are constantly evolving, but check out my video on my top 3 impactful principles right now: Belief, Focusing on the Positive, and Gratitude!