Monday, January 15, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: A Simplified Life

 So one of my BIG goals this year is to SIMPLIFY and BALANCE a happy and joyous life so I can soak up the moments that REALLY matter!

I'm reading 52 books this year and I want to SHARE what I'm reading and what I'm LEARNING as I go in hopes to help you too!

I kicked off 2018 and my year of 52 books with A Simplified Life by Emily Ley!

This is a BEAUTIFUL book you'll be proud to display on your bookshelf too! And it's full of practical tips with pages to actually WRITE DOWN your thoughts and make a plan to simplify  your life!

It's a super EASY and QUICK read and I really feel like it will make us BETTER, which is what I'm ALL about!

Excuse my messy workout hair LOL- reading happens in the morning before my workout!

Some of my FAVORITE takeaways:

1- It started with your SPACE- which is KEY for us to feel sane and at peace. "No matter what space you're in, you have the power to make your space provide the rest and connection you deserve." She promotes getting RID of stuff that is no longer serving you and doesn't make you HAPPY, not just organizing all the STUFF and presents it in a doable way!

2- Every chapter ends with ACTION STEPS to take RIGHT NOW so you really feel accomplished- not just that you've read a book with no implementation.

3- Stress-free mealtimes- you know I'm all about simplifying this! Simple, yummy, healthy recipes where more time is spent EATING than COOKING! ;) You know meal planning is key so it's time to IMPLEMENT.

4- She encourages you to spend MORE time doing what you LOVE and less time being "busy"- providing time in your schedule for what matters MOST.

5- Taking care of YOURSELF is important too! As moms, we so often forget to take care of ourselves because we're taking care of everyone else. Guess what- ya can't pour from an empty cup so we HAVE to fill ours FIRST! "You get to decide whether you will live your life insanely busy or embrace simplicity, make active changes, and slow down.

If you're looking for guidance to embrace and focus on what matters MOST- this is a great place to start! Emily is so down to earth and reassuring, but also motivating with tactical tools on how to simplify and find happiness in the smallest things!

I definitely recommend you check it out!

Monday, December 11, 2017


Ok y'all! Our BRAND NEW program is about to release and it is EPIC!!! So excited to share this with you because I'm gonna be ALL IN with you!!!


The results coming out of the test group are incredible! And here's the thing- I've been in the holiday eating slump right with you! It's tough as a mama of 3 to focus and not indulge a little which turns into a lot ;) And that's why I know this program is gonna be PERFECT for us! It's gonna make us go ALL IN and COMMIT to making that change- 80 days of workouts, timed nutrition, no questions asked, a different workout 80 day- all STREAMING which make it SUPER convenient!!!

These awesome coaches were in the 80 Day Obsession TEST GROUP and ROCKED it!!!

I'll be getting rid of my excuses right there with you! And you'll have my support, along with the support of my entire TEAM for these 80 days and beyond!

And there has NEVER been a better time to JOIN- if you join as a coach, you can get in Autumn's exclusive and private test group with us! There are so many deals to choose from- too many to list here! So please fill out this quick application so we can see how BEST to help YOU!

Fill out my online form.
And there is even a $10 off special until January 14. So don't wait! Let's COMMIT together now, get in on the SNEAK PEEK and prep BEFORE the new year so we get rid of our excuses together!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Becoming a family of FIVE

I remember finding out I was pregnant with our THIRD baby. I CRIED! 😭😱🙈
I looked at our two kids in the tub right that moment and wondered HOW we would ever manage with THREE! I CRIED! 😳😂

I worried how they would react and if we would have enough LOVE for them all! I mean, we had JUST started figuring out life as a family of four. I CRIED! 🤷‍♀️

I was also really getting in a groove with my health and fitness, being in the MIDDLE of my 3 week cleanse, then BAM, time to GAIN weight again. I CRIED. 😝🤣
BUT- I decided to soak up every moment with my kids and ENJOY life as a family of four before our world changed again. We took some trips and spent TIME together- making precious memories we'll hold FOREVER. I SMILED. 😍

I continued to workout and drink my superfoods shake to stay in shape for a healthy pregnancy and easier labor and delivery. Plus, it helped relieve stress. I SMILED! 😍

Then our precious Kathryn came into our lives in just one push. I SMILED. 😍

I didn't have to stress about rushing back to work or how to make ends meet while I was on maternity leave. I SMILED! 😍

I still workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle- even getting to do a LIVE Mommy and Me workout that was FILMED to help other moms find their healthy and fit lifestyle! I SMILED! 😍

Now, our lives are CRAZY, as expected, but I get to be PRESENT and figure out what works for US! And we have the PERFECT baby who COMPLETES our family and can barely remember a time when she wasn't here! Seems a LONG way from when we first learned we would be outnumbered. So... I SMILE! 😍😍😍

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Clean Week

Clean Week gives you the PERFECT opportunity to "try on" this healthy lifestyle and see how it fits! ;)

It  is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program to help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! You get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a week's supply of delicious Shakeology®. Start living the healthy new lifestyle you want in just 7 days - with Clean Week.
Instead of feeling overwhelmed and needing to modify because the workouts are too difficult, our NEWEST trainer makes it perfect for beginners with the option to intensify the workouts when you're ready!

Who's it for?
 Men and Women who have tried a fitness program and failed. Or haven't started because they're afraid to fail. They know they need to make a change but are not sure where to start. Clean week is only 7 days and will show them how easy it is to make healthy choices and give them the confidence to take the next step.
• Great for beginners

This INTRO to health program is BRAND NEW and I am still looking for 5 more women to participate in my FIRST and ONLY Test Group.
You will get:
🎉access to 4 brand new workouts
🎉7 packets of shakes
🎉Super simple meal plan to follow

I will want you to not only participate but provide me FEEDBACK on the program and how to improve future groups!

The BEST part??? It's only $30 to get EVERYTHING you need, including ME as your free coach!!! All you need is your 7 day starter pack of shakeology, which you can get HERE:

Whey shakeology Clean Week Pack
Vegan Shakeology Clean Week Pack

You can also go ALL IN with our BEST DEAL of our All Access Challenge Pack!

Be sure to REACH OUT if you have questions or need guidance before you purchase!

🎃We start on October 16th!🎃

Monday, August 28, 2017

FLIP the Gratitude Switch

I have been reading this fabulous book- FLIP the Gratitude Switch, by Kevin Clayson and learning all kinds of great lessons!

So, OF COURSE, I wanted to share with YOU!

"If my circumstances won't change, maybe I can change the way I look at my circumstances, and maybe as a result, they actually WILL change."

WOW! Right?!?

It's EASY to show gratitude and thanks for those things in our lives that are going RIGHT, but all those things that frustrate us??? Much easier to get fed up and show anger or frustration! So NOW the CHALLENGE is showing gratitude for the FRUSTRATIONS.

In other words, when someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of letting your road rage fly, show GRATITUDE to have avoided an accident and that you're safe. When your kid draws on your walls or uses your expensive makeup to make herself "pretty"- show gratitude that you HAVE curious and imaginative kids and appreciate this small portion of their life that will not last long enough.

When you control your reactions to the LITTLE frustrations DAILY and show gratitude with those tiny frustrations, you'll have a much easier time overcoming MAJOR challenges. And when you FLIP your attitude in a moment, you can change the trajectory of your day... your week... your month... your year... your LIFE!

My CHALLENGE to you: Be GRATEFUL in the small moments when you would normally be frustrated and express anger. Do it for SEVEN days and let me know how it impacts you and your family!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cloud Bread

Hey guys! So I have been LOVING my new progressive program that I've been doing! It comes with its own meal plan and is LOW CARB- getting carbs from whole foods like sweet potatoes, NOT your nutrient-lacking simple carbs like BREAD! (and we all LOVE bread, right?!? ;) )

3 Week Shift Shop results

So- how can you satisfy that bread craving, not feel deprived, but still stay on track to reach your GOALS?!? CLOUD BREAD!!!

Fresh out of the oven- kid approved!
Made this last night with the help of my five year old and he APPROVED! I am NOT a chef by any stretch of the imagination so I was a little intimidated by this recipe at first! I got it from my Shift Shop Recipe Book and it turned out great! 


3 large eggs
1 dash cream of tartar
1 dash sea salt- optional
1/3 Cup organic Greek yogurt

1. Heat oven to 300
2. Line baking sheet with parchment paper
3. Separate egg yolks from egg whites. Place whites and yolks in separate medium bowls. Set aside.
4. Add cream of tartar to egg whites. Beat with a mixer on high until stiff peaks form, about 4 minutes. Set aside.
5. Add salt and yogurt to egg yolks. Beat with a mixer on medium until blended. Gently fold 1/3 of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture. Fold in the remaining egg white mixture until just mixed. Do not over mix.
6. Use a spoon to transfer a scoop of egg mixture onto prepared backing sheet, gently spreading into a thick pancake shape about 3 inches in diameter. Repeat five times.
7. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until golden brown and exterior is crispy to the touch. Immediately loosen with a spatula; allow to cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
8. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container. 

Try it out and let me know what you think!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Workout with your kids

Sometimes I feel guilty for choosing to workout when the kids are awake. Ever felt that way?

Thoughts like- "If I'm not 100% present 100% of the time does that make me a bad mom?" AND "Am I giving them the BEST of me?" cross my mind!

Even though I'm an online health and fitness coach, I still struggle sometimes!

Then I remember what a GIFT it is that I CAN workout and take care of this body God gave me- and how IMPORTANT it is to show my kids to do the same! And, DUDE, my kids LOVE to workout with me!!!

Seriously- check out how much FUN my 5 year old and I had! Quality time and burning some calories/energy!!!