Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FREE Success Club Trip takeaways

We just got back on Sunday from an amazing and FREE trip to Cancun at an all inclusive resort, the Moon Palace. I earned this trip by committing to doing what I LOVE- helping others find health and happiness! Having a nursing six month old baby girl meant we took the whole family! This was the first time either of the kids flew in an airplane so we knew it would be an adventure. Benton was SO excited to ride on the "toon plane"! My parents met us at the airport, the line was short and the kids did awesome through security!

Ready to GO!

We had a layover each way so we had to switch planes, but the kids did great! Benton was so excited to meet the captains each time and get his wings!

We arrived in Cancun around 7:30 PM so we had some tired kiddos. June slept on me in her carrier and Benton was still running wide open! We got all checked in and our room was amazing with a HUGE tub in the middle and a balcony with a hammock.

Made it to CANCUN. Sleeping June and WILD Benton ;)

Day 1:
Seay blessed Becky, Jen and I with massages so we had an amazing time relaxing, hanging out in the spa and talking about life and brainstorming!

After our AMAZING massages!
The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the pool and June's first time ever in a swimsuit and pool! This resort was HUGE with so much to do and see.

That night, our wonderful friend, Lisa, kept the kids for us so we could actually go out to an "adults only" dinner. We went to a fabulous Italian restaurant, and, yes, it was still all inclusive so we just continued eating and drinking as long as they supplied us ;)

Day 2:
First things first this morning, I got my workout in with Shaun T! He has such an amazing energy. We did an an Insanity workout and it was AMAZING!

After our workouts, we traveled over to the Beach Palace to enjoy the BEACH! The kids enjoyed a nap on the bus ride over and it was absolutely beautiful- totally worth the 30 minute trip. We had an awesome time at the beach and pool and went up to the Sky Bar to enjoy the wonderful view!

June's first time to the beach- she slept ;)
Got my side planks in on the BEACH

That night we enjoyed dinner and time with Team Refinery. It is hard to put into words how amazing and rewarding it is to be surrounded by like-minded and positive people. We shared ideas and enjoyed each others' company. I have never been around so many inspiring people who constantly lift each other UP and support one another.

Day 3:
I got my workout in with Autumn while Cass braved the gym with BOTH kids! I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband and amazing daddy to our kids!

The rest of our day was spent relaxing with lots of new friends at the pool- June slept a lot! We spent time at the kiddie pool for Benton too! The part that threw a wrench in our night was when Cass fell holding Benton going down the ramp into the pool! He busted his elbow open pretty good, lots of blood and really scary for a bit! Luckily that was late afternoon so we were pretty much done anyway! I tell you- that really makes you take a look at your life and where you are though! He is a dentist (as am I technically) by profession and one wrong slip can completely derail the future. That is SCARY! Nothing in life is guaranteed or secure, but I love that we have Beachbody to fill the void and ensure our future!

One of the best parts of this experience and Beachbody in general is the great friendships I've formed. It has been such an amazing blessing for us and I am so grateful, especially for my success partner and best friend, Becky! Without Beachbody, I never would have even met her! That's is hard to believe!

Beachbody did it right for the farewell reception with live music, tons of food and an awesome fireworks display! The kids both slept right through it! Notice June peaking in the above pic ;) And Benton made himself a bed in the bottom of the stroller!

What an amazing trip and a perfect send off!

Day 4:
We had to be out the door at THREE AM! Talk about tough! I just knew the kids would go right back to sleep, but NO. They were wide awake!

June READY after her 3 AM wake-up call!

 Our first flight was not quite as smooth as the ones on the way to Cancun. The seating arrangements weren't ideal and Benton wanted to be all over the place and June was not interested in sleeping! We got through customs and security easily with time to spare before our next flight though! Unfortunately, we sat and waited for over an hour ON the plane due to bad weather but the kids did great! Benton even got to sit with the captain and "shoot canons". That made it very special for sure!

Overall, the trip was AMAZING! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to take the entire family on a trip like this! I'm sure in the future we'll take advantage of being able to go by ourselves, but I love having the option to include the kids! I always dreamed of my kids having even more opportunities than I did as far as traveling goes, and so far we seem to be right on track! Benton has been out of the country twice and now they have both flown, with June leaving the country at just six months old! NEVER would have happened without Beachbody!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The ME Project

I'm always looking for ways beyond health and fitness to enhance other women's lives, and this project is aimed to help you uncover your potential, find your passion and live on purpose.

After I graduated from dental school and got a JOB, I was content with floating through life and letting life happen to me instead of making things happen. I didn't really have much of a plan or big goals and dreams. I assumed that everything would just fall into place.

Fast forward a few years to having my son, Benton, and I was tired, lazy, unfocused and unfulfilled. As a mom, it was really easy to put myself on the back burner and lose myself completely.

When I decided to take control of my health and fitness, I started to take control of my life. I set goals and surrounded myself with POSITIVE influences. I discovered the power of personal development and invested in ME daily. Investing in my personal growth, through 10 minutes of devoted reading and fueling my body with good nutrition and workouts made me a better person, mom, wife, daughter and friend. That's what I want for YOU.

find your passion, uncover your potential, live on purpose

In this fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in what is expected of you and to always put others' needs first. While it is important and an innate quality of caring women, we really cannot take care of others before we first take care of ourselves so that we are better equipped to live our best lives and be happy and fulfilled.

Hence, the ME Project. The purpose of this project is to create a place for women to come together on their health and fitness journeys, but, just as importantly, to discover your purpose and passion in this life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, overworked, overtired and maybe even a little lost, I know the feeling! This group will be conducted as a private group of like-minded women on facebook to come together for support and accountability. We will set health and fitness goals, and also uncover your true potential with passion and purpose. Everyone in the group will be focused on growing with a Beachbody program at home that will best help you reach your goals and replace one meal a day with shakeology.

If you are ready to become your BEST self, fill out this application and let's chat! The group starts our prep week on April 20 and the official 21 days begins April 27!

Fill out my online form.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

21 Day Fix EXTREME Results

I completed my first round of 21 Day Fix Extreme last week and am so proud of myself for sticking with it for the full 21 days. I only missed one yoga workout, and I did well with the nutrition, the exception being too many teaspoons some days. I had no processed foods or sugar other than from fruit. It was not easy, but much better than I expected, especially with a plan in place for the week. Wonder what my meal plan looked like?

The last three days, I followed the countdown to competition meal plan, which meant only one carb, lots of protein and veggies, coconut oil and no fruit or fats. This part was actually much easier to follow because there were no questions about what I was supposed to eat. I had all my food prepped and ate every couple hours- no figuring out my meal plan or switching around my meals. They were all pretty much the same- boring, but easy.

I lost 5 pounds in these 21 days which, for me, is great. I still have a few more to go and have confidence this program can get me there!

If you've been wanting to take your health and fitness to the next level, this program is amazing!