Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ongoing Health and Fitness Accountability Group


I am told almost EVERY day that women need my motivation or discipline. I get asked HOW I stay so motivated! Here's the thing- I don't! Every day I wake up KNOWING what I have to get done, not always motivated to do it!

When I first started working out at home when Benton was just 8 months old, it was the LAST thing I wanted to do every night. What made the difference? ACCOUNTABILITY! And it still makes the difference today! Except now I stay accountable to EVERYONE I aim to inspire- especially my customers in my private support and accountability groups!

For almost FOUR years, I have started a NEW group for new challengers starting their health and fitness journeys EVERY month. It's one of my FAVORITE things I do as a coach because it's truly where the MAGIC happens! Being in a group is the ONLY reason I stuck with my first workout program when I first decided I HAD to get back in shape to get my body back and FEEL better!

I recently had my THIRD baby and have been working HARD to get back to the CONFIDENT woman I am when I look and feel my BEST!

Right before going to the hospital to have Baby K vs 9 weeks postpartum

One month of consistent workouts and making progress with healthy eating
This time around, I'm doing something for the FIRST time- I'm starting a NEW group!!! What's DIFFERENT?!? it's gonna be NEVER ENDING!!! That's right- a ONE time commitment gets you group support and accountability for LIFE! Because I want NO ONE left behind! This is not a QUICK fix, but a lifestyle change and I've seen too many people yo yo- getting results and then falling back into old bad habits and then starting over AGAIN! But not YOU- not this time! If you have health and fitness goals and want a solution once and for all--- THIS is your chance!

You'll get to be in our EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE Members-only group on Facebook with unlimited support and accountability to reach your BIGGEST goals, no matter how long it takes! 

What will you NEED to assure a spot? A Beachbody program that's right for you, Shakeology, me as your COACH (this group is for all my existing customers as well as new) and a will and want to CHANGE! This is my FAVORITE solution is our ONE YEAR All Access Pass!

Apply here so we can chat and see if this is right for you!
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