Monday, June 30, 2014

Super Saturday

Every quarter, Beachbody holds Super Saturdays across the country to reach more people and to keep us coaches engaged and motivated to End the Trend of Obesity.  This past Saturday I hosted my second Super Saturday at my house.

I was hesitant to do it because we had just gotten back from Vegas the week before and I was still recovering from lack of sleep. But, if there was one thing I learned in Vegas it was to go for it and not just wait for things to happen. If you want to make your dreams a reality, then you have to take action and not sit around hoping for them to come true. So, I wasn't even able to do it "officially" because I waited until the last minute, but I got the event together and invited all of our local coaches I have the privilege of knowing, either through my own team or other Super Saturday events.

Beachbody, quarterly meeting, networking, fun, workout

Last Super Saturday, we had FOUR coaches here. This time, we had TWELVE, from different teams and even some guests who are not coaches yet, but interested in this opportunity.

We had a great time getting to know each other, learning about the amazing things Beachbody has in store for us in the upcoming months and doing one of the brand new PiYO workouts!

We are looking for this event to be even BIGGER in September! WHY should you make it a priority to be there? Meeting new people, growing your business, getting inspired, learning how YOU can meet your goals and make your dreams come true! Mark your calendars for September 27, 2014! I think we're gonna have to move to a bigger and better space so I'm on the lookout! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

3-Day Refresh

So, if you remember, I did the Shakeology 3 day cleanse back in February and had awesome results. However, that cleanse was just created by coaches as a type of fasting and quick fix. It works, but does not give your body everything it needs in terms of fiber and different proteins. So..... the amazing team at Beachbody created the 3 Day Refresh.

beachbody, cleanse, feel better, lose weight fast, healthy

 The Refresh consists of Shakeology, a vanilla protein shake, a fiber sweep drink, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, tons of water and optional green tea. It is a great program for anyone who wants to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and make a break from your bad habits. It's healthy to use as often as once a month or whenever you feel your body could use a little detox. It comes with everything you need to get started. You'll just have to shop for your fresh fruits and veggies.

So, my husband, Cass, tried it out for me since I'm 25 weeks pregnant. He did great with it. You can add exercise to the program but he only exercised one day and still lost 6 pounds and I can certainly tell a difference in the pictures. He never went hungry and felt pretty good the entire time!

lost 6 pounds, 3 days, healthy, detox, clean

Want to try it for yourself? Of course! Nothing to lose but weight and unhealthy habits! Just click on the 3-Day Refresh Icon below and choose 3-Day Refresh to get started ASAP and get ME as your FREE coach! It's on special for July only so hurry!|ALL

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Coaches Get Started RIGHT

As I have continued to grow through this amazing Beachbody journey, my team is growing by leaps and bounds as well. I am so blessed to have some amazing people in my life thanks to this opportunity I took and decided to go ALL IN just a year ago! My favorite part has quickly become the support I have received, in turn given, and the relationships that have developed. People I never would have known are now some of the most important people in my life.

get started right

Have you been watching us grow and have success, wishing it were YOU? My goal is to help as many people as possible! Are you a stay at home mom who would love to bring in some extra income for the family? A teacher who could use some extra funds during the summer? Just love health and fitness and have a dream of inspiring others? Maybe this would be perfect for you!

I just returned from Beachbody SUMMIT where I was surrounded by thousands of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and I am ready to PAY IT FORWARD and share all I have learned! The beauty of joining our team RIGHT NOW, is that our exclusive coach mentoring program starts MONDAY and you can learn everything you need to know to get started on the right path and have that elusive success!

Sound like something you would LOVE? Fill out this quick form and I'll get back to you ASAP and let you know you'd be perfect for our team!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The latest and greatest workout program from Beachbody is HERE! I was lucky enough to take a LIVE class with Chalene last week at Summit in Las Vegas and, let me tell you, it's an awesome workout! Cass did it with me and was a sweaty mess! I even did it at 24 weeks pregnant and think this could be an awesome program for pregnant women who need that extra push. It will especially help with flexibility and strength for the long haul!

PiYO, Chalene Johnson, exlusive Beachbody live workout

You get the best of everything with cardio combined with pilates and yoga- burning calories all while keeping it low impact so that it's easy on your joints and great for those who have had injuries.  It still has a fast pace to help burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscles.

PiYO for everyone, new beachbody program, flexibility, low impact, long lean muscles

Perfect for: People who want an extreme program without the jumps, weights or joint strain. Great for people of all fitness levels who want the benefits of Pilates and yoga, but feel these programs lack the cardio they need for the results they crave. And YES I plan to do the entire program pregnant! I will update you as I go. :) Check out this video and see if PiYO is for you!

Equipment required: NADA

Details: Each workout is 25-45 minutes, depending on the day. The plan calls for working out 6 days a week. There are modifications and anyone can do it.

Ready to get started? Join my exclusive test group and let's achieve amazing results together! The test group is a private group on Facebook that incorporates the PiYO program, drinking shakeology daily and checking in daily to rate your day! I'd love to have you join us!

Click here to purchase the PiYO challenge pack while it is still on special and join our group: 
Just select PiYO and your flavor of shakeology and you'll be good to go!