Monday, July 9, 2018

Breaking the Identity Box

What the heck is this girl talking about?!? LOL- well let me just tell ya!

I'm working on this INCREDIBLE 5 Day Goal Workshop for my coaches so I've been working through MY goals and really focusing on creating this for them! I am so excited for these 5 days and what it will bring into their lives, but I wanna bring the VALUE!!! ;)

Have you heard of Lara Casey? If not, you should definitely check her out! She is the founder of Cultaiate What Matters and has a fun IG to follow and FB page! She also created POWER SHEETS, which is a FANTASTIC way to get all those goals WRITTEN down! Check out her WEBSITE.

Anyway- I get NO perks from sharing about her and her products- I just love following her and think my fellow mamas will love her stuff too! ;)

Soooooo- onto the good stuff and enough of my blabbering- so many times we set some random goal in JANUARY, forget about it and never actually take ACTION! Is that you? For MANY years, that was ME! Growing into my role as a health and lifestyle coach transformed the way I looked at goals which is why I wanna share with YOU!!!

The BIGGEST thing I find holding us back from setting and going after our GOALS is FEAR! YA FEEL ME??? So here's the thing- that FEAR is usually something we're MAKING UP in our heads- lies we're telling ourselves that keep us from living up to our greatest potential. And, as humans, we LOVE to prove ourselves RIGHT! So if we keep telling ourselves we CAN'T, we work really hard to hold ourselves back. If we tell ourselves it's too hard, it is! If we tell ourselves we don't have time, we don't. I could go on and on but you get the picture.
So- As Lara would say- Time to BREAK your identity box!!!!
What have you been telling yourself that you CANNOT do??? Like, I was telling myself the lie that I wasn't successful enough to build a team and inspire other women to discover and live their best lives. Maybe someone told you something once like you aren't good enough or that you couldn't do something and you believed them so you've made that your identity. Write out EVERY box you've put yourself in that has been holding you back!

Then, CRUSH that little box!!! What if you FLIPPED the script?!? What positive possibilities would open up in your life and others? For me, that would look like living into MY potential, speaking positive affirmations into my life, building a team, sustainable residual income bringing me financial freedom and helping other women do the same! Write out your thoughts!

Now- take ONE action to move yourself forward- away from that identity box you had yourself caged in. Maybe it's positive affirmations, maybe it's writing out your gratitude. For me- the positive affirmations and living OUT LOUD are what it takes. It could be anything! Tell me what you will do!