Sunday, December 30, 2018


My husband looked at me with his blood results in his hand. HIGH CHOLESTEROL- that's what he was diagnosed with at THRITY. Talk about a wake up call. We felt healthy and kinda invincible. With a six month old baby, though, we had far from healthy habits.

Still- change is HARD, right. I THOUGHT about making some changes, REALLY wanted a quick fix and needed a PLAN. Hmmmmm. Luckily, that was SIX years ago in JANUARY and I was FINALLY fed up and ready to make a resolution to stick!

Each new year feels like a fresh start—a chance for new things that are even better than last year’s things. #amiright And on that note, now seems like the perfect opportunity for you to make good on those health-related resolutions- JUST like I did (oh and my hubby now has perfect cholesterol levels and I still have those 20 lbs off that I lost the first time around even after two more babies).

So the new year is kinda my JAM. It's when I personally started my own health and fitness journey that changed my life forever so I wanna give you the same!

So I'm revamping and offering you a new and revised NEW YEAR NEW YOU private group with a a fitness PLAN to follow. Here's what you'll get!
- Support for LIFE
- Goal setting guidance
- Meal plans and recipes
- 20 minute workouts that easily fit into YOUR schedule for 6 weeks
- 36 BRAND NEW workouts plus thousands of others as bonuses!
- A PRIVATE group with women to cheer you on!

Just a couple transformations from Round 1 of the test group:

So what are you waiting for? I was hesitant FOR SURE, so I feel you, but truly a workout I could do ANYTIME that worked with MY schedule CHANGED MY LIFE. And it can change yours too!

You can check it out for FREE here  (including a free sugar detox and a free workout!). Feel free to email me too:

Love and light, my friend!