Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Country HEAT

If you don't ENJOY working out...
If you don't WANT to lift weights...
If you've NEVER worked out before...
If you want a FUN program to mix up your routine...
If you need LOW impact...
If you're SHORT on time...

You MUST check out Country HEAT!!!

What IS Country HEAT?

--Country Heat is an "all approach" program. This is literally for ANYONE.
--It is not "intense", it is not weight based, it is not intimidating, it is not choreographed (like CIZE), it is lower impact, it is fucking FUN (excuse my French, I'm passionate lol) and it WILL get people results (I'm proof!)
-- It doesn't FEEL like working out. If you "hate" working out and can never find the motivation to push play in the first place, this is PERFECT!
--It is paired with the EPIC, portion control container/ meal plan, which is where the magic happens! One test group participant lost 60 lbs in 90 days! WHAT?!?
--This is SO MUCH MOREthan a  "country line dancing" program. It is a cardio based, dance fitness program & there just so happens to be country music in the background. (Great country music at that)If you love country music, GREAT. You will love the music selection. If you don't love country music, don't fret. You will learn to love it.
--Country Heat has simple steps that EVERYONE can learn with very little to no practice. You won't waste a single minute trying to follow along because you'll be too busy sweating your BOOTIE off! I'm not kidding, all you people out there with 2 left feet - you'll will be shocked with how easily you pick this up. AND, there are separate tracks on the DVD that walk you through the moves slowly if you choose to do that first.
--There is a MODIFIER. This is especially important for anyone who has past injuries, a lot of weight to lose, bad knees and so on.
--Country Heat is a total "fat burner"!!! In each routine, the pace of the dance moves fluctuate with each song. It has that interval training effect. Heart rate goes up, back down, back up and down again. You'll be melting fat off like you've never melted before.
--Short on time? No problem! Each workout is only 27-30 minutes!
Even if you've never danced in your life, the moves are broken down! You can do this!

Check out these awesome results from fellow coaches who were in the first Test group:

What will you GET?

- 6 workouts on 3 DVDs in 30 minutes or less.
-7 Color coded portion controlled containers to efficiently help you portion out your food
-Country Heat Nutrition Plan which is an easy to follow guide that has recipes, tips, and more to help you get results.
-30 Days of Shakeology in any flavor
-Quickstart Guide- This is a simple 3 step guide that preps you for your fitness journey by giving you the low down on the nutrition plan and workouts.
-30 Day Calendar so that you know exactly what workouts to do in what order to maximize your results.
-Plus when you get the challenge pack you get access to Country Heat On Demand which means unlimited access to stream Country Heat and all the other workouts to any desktop, laptop, tablet, TV or mobile device.  So you can start your workouts the minute you make your purchase.

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