Monday, December 15, 2014

BEFORE photo... AFTER baby

THIS is my BEFORE. It will NOT be my AFTER. This is me 8 weeks postpartum. It looks pretty good when I'm wearing clothes that fit well, but I will NOT be buying an entire wardrobe to fit my post baby body.

I started Insanity MAX:30 one week ago and I WILL have my body back! I was in great shape before my pregnancy and will be in even better shape soon!

insanity max:30

I LOVE what my body has done for me which means I am going to treat it with RESPECT. My before picture reminds me where I've been. It reminds me of all those craving I've given into, the exercise I chose not to do, but also the beautiful baby I brought into this world. This photo is not just about showing all my flaws. It is to remind me to make an effort EVERY day to be BETTER and STRONGER than the day before. I am sharing this picture to show you that it is not just the ENDING that matters but the JOURNEY. We ALL start somewhere. This is my beginning AGAIN. You are not alone! Begin NOW. I can't wait to share my journey as I work toward my AFTER!

And here is why my body looks like it does and why it's OK, even wonderful to look like this...

Miss June was born on October 15, 2014 at 9:48 AM after about a 12 hour labor, 8 of those being in the hospital. After just five pushes, we welcomed our 8 lb 4 oz, 21 inch princess into the world to complete our family.

Thanks to Lindsey and Ryan at Pure 7 Studios for the beautiful photos of June.

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