Thursday, October 29, 2015

Princess Minnie cake

It is hard to believe my little girl turned ONE just a couple weeks ago! She is getting so big (although still small at just 17 lbs ;) ). Her big brother always wants her to be a princess, so she got to have a Minnie Mouse Princess party!

My mom always helps with the cake- she's been making my birthday cakes (Yes, I still get one even though I'm in my 30's and am now a health and fitness coach!). Even though the cake is still not "healthy" of course with tons of sugar, BUT she actually makes it from scratch now instead of out of the box! We're always searching for the best yellow cake recipe. For June's birthday we used this one.

I try to do organic as much as possible, so we get the best ingredients we can find!

Some of the ingredients we used for this cake:
Organic cane sugar
Organic powdered sugar
Organic grass fed butter
Rumford Baking powder
Organic eggs from free range chickens
Organic buttermilk

Again, it's still a typical, high calorie, high sugar cake, but much better for you than the chemicals in box cakes and really almost as easy! Benton and June loved it for sure!

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Photo credits for the kids' pics go to Tami Kaye Photography!
All of the crowns came from Grace and Lilly's!

More details from our fun and fancy party coming soon!!!

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