Wednesday, February 14, 2018

80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Review

Ahhhhhh!!!!! We are DONE with Phase 1 (aka 28 days) of our 80 Day program!!!! Nope, it hasn't been EASY - but it also hasn't been NEAR as "hard" as expected! Seriously though- the last week of this phase involved flying to Park City and being there, away from home, for 5 days!!!

In that month, I've lost 5 lbs and 5 inches! I'm fitting into SOME of my goal jeans and wearing some shirts that are actually FITTED instead of covering everything up!

Yep- no pizza, no ordering in, no fast food for a MONTH- and I feel the happiest and healthiest I have in YEARS!!!! And TODAY is Valentine's Day and I've managed to AVOID the sweet treats haunting me from my kids' bags of candy LOL.

No denying when you see RESULTS from the BACK!
If you've been feeling lost in the yoyo diet cycle- I feel ya! I have been there FAR too long! Having an EXACT plan to follow has SAVED me!!! I'm actually feeling strong and confident- believing in myself and what I can do again! TOTALLY worth it!

If you'd like more info on how YOU can get your habits under control too- check out more info here and fill out the application so i can be your coach!

Stay tuned for my travel tips blog on how we stayed on track, but I just wanna reassure you that it's TOTALLY doable! The nutrition is timed, there are no question marks, super straight forward and you are armed with a PLAN, which is EXACTLY what I need! This mama has a FULL plate, and having my week LAID OUT for me has made my life SO MUCH EASIER!

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