Monday, January 5, 2015

Dream BIG

DREAMS... You just never know when they will come TRUE!

I started as a Beachbody coach in March of 2013 with little expectation, really just doing it for a discount on products that I 100% BELIEVED in! I quickly learned the potential with this amazing opportunity and decided to go ALL IN! I am a dentist by trade, and at the time was practicing dentistry at a non-profit clinic. While very rewarding work, I was still faced with the reality of having a BOSS! Someone still told me what to do, where to be and dictated my time. That is not what I wanted for my life. I had bigger goals and aspirations. Then, I had a baby boy so I yearned to be home more and started to dream BIG! 

I started setting GOALS. As a dentist, people would think I set big goals and really had a path set to achieve that. Honestly, I floated through life, with no real direction other than an end goal when I was on a track with few detours.  Instead of watching HOURS of TV each day, I began READING and LEARNING. What an impact that made on my outlook on life! I became more POSITIVE and could actually envision my life getting BETTER and becoming the life I have always dreamed of!

Since that time, I have become a FULL TIME Beachbody coach from HOME and added a beautiful baby girl to our family. I AM the boss! I am living my life by design and have an amazing team taking the journey with me! I am so thankful for all this opportunity has given me and it is just the BEGINNING! Big things happening in 2015!

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