Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road Trip Food Prep

Road trips are an easy excuse to let loose, pick up junk at gas stations, and detour through fast food drive-throughs. I've been there- My staples were combos, snickers, reese's cups and pieces, Dr. Peppers, gatorade, Ritz bitz. See a pattern? Yep- all JUNK and terrible for me!

When I started my health and fitness journey, traveling was something I had to change my mindset on. So- How can you avoid this trap when it's important to be HEALTHY, but not STARVE? ;) Prep, prep, prep. Did you know you can even carry food onto flights? Yep- done that too!

Easy road trip food:
-Boiled eggs
-Cut strawberries
-Power balls
-Shakeology bars- Recipe from 21 Day Fix Extreme- coming SOON!
-Shakeology with a shaker cup
-Red peppers
-Turkey burgers
-Cheese sticks

I try not to eat too many processed foods, but my favorite is the KIND Healthy Grains Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. I try to stick to gluten-free and non- GMO if not organic so these fit the bill! They're delicious too I might add! ;)

We ALWAYS travel with a cooler now! I also make June's baby food, so we need the cooler for that too!

The beauty of traveling with everything we need is no long stops for meals! Cass and I eat while we drive and ride and we were able to feed June quickly at the gas station. Doesn't she look like she was having so much fun hanging out on the cooler?

Our trip to Nashville today was about 8 hours. Just to give you an idea of what I ate:
Breakfast- blended chocolate shakeology with spinach before I left
Snack- Apple and two power balls
Lunch- Turkey burger, shakeology bar
Snack- Kind bar, strawberries

We'll have dinner out somewhere tonight- we have to take advantage of the local cuisine and enjoy ourselves! I always eat more carbs on a trip like this because the treats are so yummy and easy to grab! That's ok though! Still so much better than the alternatives!

The next few days will be BUSY at Beachbody's Coach Summit. We got a room with a fridge so we can be prepared and I can avoid getting HANGRY! For the room, I also have cooked green beans and spinach to add to my shakes. You CAN stay healthy while you travel! You don't have to throw away your goals and ideals of eating healthy!

What is your FAVORITE and EASY food to take on the road?

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