Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tips for video on your iphone

So almost every day, I record myself on video with my phone. It is the easiest way for me to get in natural light when I'm making tutorials for my coaches, and I record my workouts most days to inspire others and for accountability. The more I make, the better I get so I've come across a few tips to make it easier.

First off, a Joby tripod is fantastic and makes set up so much easier. I did videos without it for a long time, but I had to get the phone set up just right and it could be frustrating ;)

I do everything right from the camera app that comes with the iphone. It is really easy to trim the ends of videos to crop out what you don't want. I literally just set up my phone and hit record and then trim it to what I want. Make sure to always record with your phone HORIZONTAL- that way when you upload to facebook or youtube, it fills up the entire frame and is easier for people to watch!

Two apps I have found that are fun are PicPlayPost, which allows you to put several video clips into one collage and Fast Slow, which allows you to speed up or slow down your videos.

The key to good quality is the lighting. This video was recorded at a window so I had indirect light. I do most of my videos outside on my porch. Hope this is helpful!

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