Thursday, January 14, 2016

Shakeology while pregnant or nursing

I get asked ALL the time about the safety of shakeology while nursing or pregnant since I am currently nursing my one year old little girl while drinking it! I have had shakeology every day since I was nursing my son at 8 months old. I drank it while nursing him until he was 2 1/2 years old, through my pregnancy with my daughter and now while nursing her. I have personally never had any problems with it and my doctor approved it excitedly, with the recommendation of taking extra folate. Shakeology is going to deliver more absorbable nutrients than your typical prenatal vitamin will so it's great to get the nutrition you need, and especially helpful for mamas experiencing any sickness. I even drank shakeology in the hospital after delivering June! ;)

safety of shakeology for nursing moms, safety of shakeology for prenancy
Drinking my shakeology the day June was born

That being said, the ONLY thing some nursing mamas find is that they need to drink the vegan formula if their babies have any suspected lactose intolerance so make sure to keep that in mind when choosing your flavor. Check out this awesome video for more info!

I am so PROUD of you for wanting to drink shakeology to get your healthiest meal of the day while pregnant, and being concerned about your HEALTH, not just weight loss. I encourage you to ALWAYS do your research for ANYTHING you're putting in your body to make sure that you are FUELING your body and your baby with the healthiest foods possible!

I do have a doctorate, but I am not an OBGYN and every situation is different, so always consult your doctor. If you need a full list of ingredients to share, message me at I love to talk to other moms about the importance of staying healthy and happy!

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