Tuesday, January 30, 2018

80 Day Obsession 2 week RESULTS and Review

You guys- if you have been NERVOUS to start a new program or have no idea WHAT to do to reach that New Year's resolution of reaching your health and fitness goals- I truly BELIEVE that this is gonna be the ANSWER for you!

I was SCARED when I started this program- not gonna lie! My eating habits have been AWFUL- like OUT OF CONTROL with reese's cups, any sweets I could get my hands on and popcorn and chips. And I was NOT excited to give those bad habits up, honestly.

But- I DECIDED. I COMMITTED. and I went for it! Then, the BEST part happened- my hubby decided to JOIN ME! For the first time in FOUR years, we decided (even though I had to drag him along for a minute ;) ) to do it TOGETHER.

5 AM wakeup calls and workouts TOGETHER!

I've been a coach for FIVE years and have never meal prepped, planned and been so dedicated to a program before! It's ALL laid out for you and very specific- which is EXACTLY what I need to stay on track- give me a plan to follow with rules that make sense and get me results! I could not BELIEVE my results after just two weeks! Honestly, I was questioning the process and then BOOM- down 6 lbs and 6 inches after rest day!

Plus the workouts are FANTASTIC- unlike anything I've ever done before! Yep- some of them are an hour. Yep- I didn't think there was ANY way I'd be able to do it! But we're making it happen- getting up at 5 AM on days the hubby goes into work and 6 or 7 on the days he doesn't!

Baby woke up EARLY which meant nursing and booty day!
The food has been DELICIOUS and I am eating SO MUCH! It's been an adjustment but we're doing what is BEST for us for the first time in a LONG time!!!

When I realized I need to go UP in calories and NOT be hungry!
Example of meals for a day 
Weekends have been the toughest- but not because I wanted to CHEAT like I expected, but because we wake up a little later so getting all the meals in with timed nutrition has taken some adjustment.

If you're looking to TRULY make a lifestyle change, EMBRACE the hard work, get EXCITED about RESULTS, and go ALL IN- getting RID of those bad habits for GOOD- this is for you! Nope- not a quick fix but one you can STICK WITH and STOP that yo yo dieting cycle!

Wanna learn MORE about 80 Day Obsession? Check out my blog post HERE and fill out the application to set up a time to chat with me!

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