Monday, January 15, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: A Simplified Life

 So one of my BIG goals this year is to SIMPLIFY and BALANCE a happy and joyous life so I can soak up the moments that REALLY matter!

I'm reading 52 books this year and I want to SHARE what I'm reading and what I'm LEARNING as I go in hopes to help you too!

I kicked off 2018 and my year of 52 books with A Simplified Life by Emily Ley!

This is a BEAUTIFUL book you'll be proud to display on your bookshelf too! And it's full of practical tips with pages to actually WRITE DOWN your thoughts and make a plan to simplify  your life!

It's a super EASY and QUICK read and I really feel like it will make us BETTER, which is what I'm ALL about!

Excuse my messy workout hair LOL- reading happens in the morning before my workout!

Some of my FAVORITE takeaways:

1- It started with your SPACE- which is KEY for us to feel sane and at peace. "No matter what space you're in, you have the power to make your space provide the rest and connection you deserve." She promotes getting RID of stuff that is no longer serving you and doesn't make you HAPPY, not just organizing all the STUFF and presents it in a doable way!

2- Every chapter ends with ACTION STEPS to take RIGHT NOW so you really feel accomplished- not just that you've read a book with no implementation.

3- Stress-free mealtimes- you know I'm all about simplifying this! Simple, yummy, healthy recipes where more time is spent EATING than COOKING! ;) You know meal planning is key so it's time to IMPLEMENT.

4- She encourages you to spend MORE time doing what you LOVE and less time being "busy"- providing time in your schedule for what matters MOST.

5- Taking care of YOURSELF is important too! As moms, we so often forget to take care of ourselves because we're taking care of everyone else. Guess what- ya can't pour from an empty cup so we HAVE to fill ours FIRST! "You get to decide whether you will live your life insanely busy or embrace simplicity, make active changes, and slow down.

If you're looking for guidance to embrace and focus on what matters MOST- this is a great place to start! Emily is so down to earth and reassuring, but also motivating with tactical tools on how to simplify and find happiness in the smallest things!

I definitely recommend you check it out!

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