Saturday, January 18, 2014

P90X3 Review Week 2

We complete Week 2 of P90X3 tomorrow and I must say that I am loving the workouts. It comes with a complete guide to follow for the workouts and nutrition. P90X3 is
a great change from the T25 we did previously. Just 30 minutes a day means sore muscles and changing bodies.  Weeks 1-3 are the same workout schedules. We have been doing the Classic schedule so that my husband, Cass, and I can do them together every day.

Monday: Total Synergistics
This is a total body workout and is AWESOME! Legs, core, push-ups, pull-ups, weights- the whole gamut of training!

Tuesday: Agility X
Tape on the floor. Do what Tony says! This is all about quick moves back and forth with some jumping and moving push-ups in between! Breaking a sweat for sure!

Wednesday: X3 Yoga
I am always very leery of yoga. It has never been my favorite. In fact, I LOATHED the original P90X Yoga. I have been pleasantly surprised with the X3 Yoga, partly because it is only 30 minutes so I get it done quickly and partly because I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I still struggle with some of the moves, but my yoga block helps!


Thursday: The Challenge
Push-ups and pull-ups GALORE! That's all this workout is! Upper body gets completely shredded. Being a woman, my upper body has always been my weak point. I am getting much better with the push-ups for sure. With the pull-ups I use a band in the doorway to simulate pull-ups. My goal for the end of these 90 days is to do a pull-up with ease!

Friday: CVX
Cardio and weights at the same time makes for an AWESOME workout! You can really feel every part of your body moving. If you need to modify, you CAN do it without weights.

 Saturday: The Warrior
Another total body workout! It rotates through push-ups, cardio, legs and abs. Really changes it up so you don't get bored. No weights required!

Sunday: Dynamix
WOW! Talk about stretching! In this workout, you are stretching but you are moving the ENTIRE time. No static moves. Totally like the name says- DYNAMIC.  It's a stretch and workout all in one!

All in all a great workout! Every day is different and incorporates everything you need from weight training to cardio to stretching. There are modified moves for everything so anyone can do it! So excited for our results from this program! We'll be sure to post our 30 day pics!

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