Monday, March 2, 2015

Insanity MAX:30 Transformations

Well, we are officially DONE with Insanity MAX:30! This was a really great program for me to do after baby since it was only 30 minutes a day and made me really push myself to build my strength and endurance.

Beyond just my physical transformation, were my mental and physical strength and endurance. The first time I did this workout, I could only make it THREE minutes without a break! For the last test of this program, I made it the ENTIRE 30 minutes! That means I am 10x stronger now than I was! Wow!

abilities do not define us

My nutrition was far from perfect and most days I felt so inadequate with my workouts but I DID IT! Never missed a workout! Lost 11.25 inches overall so I'm really happy about that!

Insanity max:30 transformation male, month 2

My husband, Cass, did the full program as well but refused to let me take before pictures before month 1, so we just have a month 2 comparison for him but I can definitely see a difference in his waist, chest and arms! That's just in one month!

For me, I'm working hard to BALANCE my life! Working out just 30 minutes a day at HOME helps me tremendously! I honestly would not pay to drive and workout at the gym for an hour a day. I have 2 little ones at home that need me and my attention so it is a big deal that I can still take time for ME but do it quickly and in the comfort of my own home. My two year old usually even works out WITH me!

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