Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meal Plan and P90X3 Week 4 Review

This last week was week 4 of P90X3 for us, which made it a transition week before we move into phase 2. It was a great combo of cardio days and balance and flexibility days.

Monday- Isometrix
This was our first time doing this workout. It's all about balance and flexibility. Balance is a strong point of mine, flexibility is NOT. It's a great workout though that also works your core.

Tuesday- Dynamix
This one we're used to as we've been doing it every Sunday. Still stretching with flexibility but moving most of the time.

Wednesday- Accelerator.
Now THIS is a workout! Think it may be my favorite so far! Constant moving, running, agility and speed work.

Thursday-Pilates X.
Gotta say I had the HARDEST time with this one. If you've got great balance AND flexibility, this one is for you. The results of the core work in this one are gonna be serious though so I WILL master it!

Friday- CVX
Still love this workout too. Weight and cardio at the same time the whole time.  Lot of calories burned!

Saturday- YogaX

Sunday- Dynamix

So now we're ready to ROCK week 5! Almost all new workouts we have never done so I had to get busy making a good meal plan to stick with.  Here is a sample of what I'm doing. People always ask if Cass does the exact same meal plan. Yes and no. It is essentially the same but bigger portions and more protein. He needs more of everything than I do of course. Hope this helps you get on the healthy track this week!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions!

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